Top 10 reasons for losing at chess

Top 10 reasons for losing at chessIn case you are wondering what excuse you need to give for losing your chess game here are a few tips and ready made excuses that you can use for pacifying yourself or others. The Top 10 reasons for losing at chess – choose wisely!

No one likes to lose at chess, but if you’re about to lose you might as well give a convincing reason. Most beginners and laymen assume that chess is a game of brains and that the brainier player will always wins.

However professional chess players know that being dominated by the opponent is just one way of losing and that there are other, more ‘plausible’ ways.

Here are a few of funky favorites, many of which we can still use and are relevant even today!

Top 10 reasons for losing at chess

1. Dog ate my score sheet;

2. Dead batteries in hidden transmitter; could not cheat.

3. Went outside for fresh air, forgot about the tournament;

4. Disturbed by own reflection in opponent’s sunglasses.

5. Still depressed over 1964 death of Fred Reinfeld;

6. Inexplicably confused ECO A30 line 14 footnote 8c with ECO A18 line footnote 7c; lost queen;

7. Unluckily paired with arch-nemesis going by the somewhat mundane name – G. Kasparov;

8. During game, pondered both sides of IPL controversy; lost on time;

9. Studied book ‘How to Beat your Dad at Chess’, was unprepared for other opponents;

10. After making move, accidentally punched opponent instead of clock.


11. Did not like my opponent’s face.

12. Opponent’s dress code was disturbing to say the least.

13. Slept off on the chess board as I was awake till late last night preparing for this game.

Let me know if you have any other excuses. We need to share them!

Here are some videos in the same vein. Hope you enjoy them.




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