Separating the wood from the trees!

Chess is a fun game, till you enter your first tournament!

Separating wood from trees

After which all hell breaks loose and two things may happen. Either you will be consumed by passion – or – stand as a bystander in frustration or awe. My intention is not to scare you out of the sport called chess but to help you prepare for it with a proper mindset without any fear or phobia. Separating the wood from the trees …

Chess is both science and art – and chess improvement will come when you consider this fact in your training.

Separating the wood from the trees – Key points to keep in mind.

If you practice only tactics, you will miss out on the connecting-big-picture while playing, and if you only play with strategic understanding with a weak tactical acumen you will be running a race with just one leg.

What is the best way to stand calm amidst the chaos regarding your Chess improvement?

Lets take some important points and talk about it in case you decide to take up the challenge of a real tournament Chess game!

  • Absolute passion or interest in Chess. Why? Its simple. Just as coal or water is needed to fuel a Steam Engine train – in the same way the fuel of excellence is interest or passion in whatever we do. Without this basic foundation, the building will collapse for sure. Ask yourself – are you passionate about your chess improvement and if so how much? Your chess improvement is directly proportional to your innate passion.
  • Time management. What do we mean by Time management? Its just a way of squeezing time whenever we are able to – for the sake of our training regimen. Plan for a day/week/month and keep looking for more. Do not allow lethargy or laziness come in the way. Diligent training will fetch rewards. Not just getting up one fine day and solving 50 positions and not looking at them for the next few days completely! Do you eat your food in the same way? I mean stuffing 3 meals at one time and then going without food the whole day?
  • Weeding out the negatives. What is meant by negatives? It can be anything. Eating too much or too little. Watching too much TV or having a late night sleeping time every day. It can also be anger or frustration or even lack of confidence. Just avoid these to the best you can.
  • Getting motivated in real life. I get motivated whenever I see the achievers and the dedication in almost all chess players who have been playing for more than a decade. (Not just in Chess but in other sports too). Our focus in chess gets a boost when we see the energy levels of the legends. Their achievements seem like a miracle but their efforts and sweat are hidden. Imagine and appreciate that hidden aspect and sit down for the training with a thought to achieving that height of dedication.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or doubts by way of comments. Share if you feel it will help others.

Wishing you all the best!

Have you ever wanted something really bad and after some time, not so much?

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