8th Modern School Nanganallur Chess Tournament 2015

8th Modern School Nanganallur Chess Tournament 2015

8th Modern School Nanganallur Chess Tournament 2015 (for school students only) is organized By  MODERN SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL  Nanganallur, Chennai 600061

Under the Aegis of AICF,TNSCA, KDCA & MCA (AICF Event code: 115226/TN/2015 – TNSCA Approval No. R07/2015-16)

Modern School Road, A.G.’s Office Colony,
Nanganallur, Chennai 600 061

Modern School

Modern Senior Secondary School is a new generation CBSE SCHOOL situated at Nanganallur in Chennai.


8th Modern School Nanganallur Chess Tournament 2015

Sri Lakshminrisimha temple, Nanganallur

Nanganallur is known for its myriad of temples dedicated to the Hindu Gods and Goddesses and the place appears to have a religious aura during festive occasions. It is also home to Modern Senior Secondary School that has showed a phenomenal support to chess playing students and Chess tournaments.

Apart from a robust scholastic endeavor, Modern School gives great importance to Co-curricular and extra curricular activities and encouraging chess among its students; and this has paid rich dividends.

8th Modern School Nanganallur Chess Tournament 2015

K.Sasikiran, Grand Master – Alumni of Modern School, Nanganallur

The School is very proud of its alumni, K.Sasikiran, Grand Master and Arjuna Awardee in Chess who is ranked among the top 5 in Indian Chess list of Grandmasters. Following in his footsteps, the School has a host of eminent chess players.

Players like RK Ranjith, Anjana Sowjanya, Arun Hariharan, Saravana Krishnan, Santhosh Bala, Pon Krithikka,  Mohanapriya, Radha Krishnan, Narasimhapriyan, V.Shvetha, T. Vishwanath, Akash PC Iyer, K. Anshuman and many others have been inspired by this school’s motivation and its teachers interest in Chess.

They have brought many laurels for the school and made it a force to reckon with among CBSE schools Zonal and National Chess championships.

There are many upcoming juniors who are slowly inching their way up.

Every year, starting from the year 2008, Modern School has been conducting the Fide rated Chess tournament and this is the first ever International Rating Chess Championship at the School level.

8th Modern School Nanganallur Chess Tournament 2015

Modern School Venue for the International Chess Tournament at Nanganallur.

This year, from 1st August to 5th August 2015 they are conducting conducted the annual 8th Modern School Nanganallur Chess Tournament 2015 for school children and there was a huge response to the event as it is one of its kind as far as chess tournaments go.

For the 5 days duration there was a carnival like atmosphere and children from various schools converged at the main building to participate in the tournament.

Meet the people behind the 8th Modern School Nanganallur Chess Tournament 2015 :

Many children from India and abroad take part in this event, that is now a permanent fixture for 8 years now. Kudos to the School and especially to Mr. Ravichandran, Mr. Santhanam and the P.T incharge Mr. Ramadoss who have built this program from its inception.

Modern School Principal Mrs. MohanaSpecial mention must be made of the Principal Dr.(Smt.) Mrs. Mohana – M.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D, who takes personal interest in hearing the chess players’ results and motivates them even amongst her very busy schedule, and that too with a perennial smile.

Like wise the Vice-Principal Mrs. L. Padmavathy (M.Com., PGDCM, C.I.C, D.W.T, B.Ed) who is adored by all, and the Office staff who have worked hard in maintaining a professional routine.

Recognition in Chess:

The Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi allotted the Southern Zonal Chess Tournaments to the School, in 2004 and 2006 under its Competitive Sports Program. The final all India Chess Championship was conducted in the School in 2007.

With this background, the School endeavors to conduct Modern Senior Secondary School International Rating Chess Tournament every year. We at Golden Chess Centre, wish them a very huge success in the coming years!

Day to day Chess-results and pairings will be pasted here from chess-results.com

Please note: The results are/will be updated as soon as the pairing is ready.

Round Schedule
31.07.2015 – Arrival
01.08.15 (Saturday) – Inauguration 09.30 A.M
01.08.15 (Saturday) Round 1 – 11.00 A.M Round 2 – 4.00P.M
02.08.15 (Sunday) Round 3 – 09.00 A.M Round 4– 02.30 P.M
03.08.15 (Monday) Round 5 – 09.00 A.M Round 6 – 02.30 P.M
04.08.15 (Tuesday) Round 7 – 09.00 A.M Round 8– 02.30 P.M
05.08.15 (Wednesday) Round 9 – 09.00 A.M
05.08.15 (Wednesday) Prize Distribution – 3.00 P.M

Board Pairings Rd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3/9 , Rd.4/9 , Rd 5/9, Rd 6/9, Rd 7/9, Rd 8/9, Rd 9

As a gesture of appreciation, Golden Chess Centre Nanganallur, will analyze any games played by the children (free of any charges) and also give tips on how to improve their game.

Interested players may get in touch with us using the contact form or visit the Golden Chess Centre in person.



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