Improving chess players stamina – success secrets

Improving chess players stamina – success secrets

Improving chess players stamina and energy levels – success secrets

Imagine this scenario. A five day tournament is nearing its end. The last round is a struggle for the remaining honors by way of rating points. You have been waiting patiently for the round to start and then after the initial hour or two you feel sleepy and mind wants to relax. Out comes a yawn. A yawn is infectious as you all know and soon everyone in the hall is stretching or yawning. Familiar isn’t it? So how do you improve your stamina?  Improving chess players stamina and energy levels is the key to consistent success in the chess arena.

There are many players who are clearly lost by way of energy and only some are clearly energetic and still going strong! Delving into the secrets of these players made me aware that almost all of them had one thing common: they were regular walkers (and some young guns were joggers too) and they were also seen as having robust diet regimen consisting of fruits, vegetables and healthy cereals.

So are we focusing on this aspect as a coach?

Improving chess players stamina and energy levels

Carrot and Cabbage High Fiber Chutney Toast

I have recently started asking my students to bring a bowl of fruits or healthy snacks to my sessions and made it a point to give them a 15 minute break for the kids to have their dose of healthy energy diets.

Along with that I advise parents to learn new healthy recipes that will provide the essential nutrients and make them stay focused. A good breakfast is the key to a day that involves long hours of mindfulness. So it is important for chess players’ parents to arrange for their children’s nutrition needs.

Nowadays I am also starting to make physical exercise an important part of my class. Chess is basically a ‘sitting’ sport that does not allow for physical movements except for moving the pieces. So it is our prerogative that the students are asked to regularly exercise.

Maybe we can also try Yoga practice in case there is a possibility of hiring a Yoga instructor to take classes once a week.

Good habits need to be taught from a young age and as coach let us see that this is made a top priority. It is only by enforcing these practices that we can see a change in the stamina of the kids who play such grueling tournaments.

They will not feel tired or lethargic after playing for 5 days in a row. Atleast not as severe as those who are leading a sedentary life without exercise or healthy diet. Improving chess players stamina and energy levels needs to be our priority.

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