About Golden Chess Centre

Golden Chess Centre is a successful Chess Academy for children at Nanganallur. Madipakkam, Ullagaram, Puzhuthivakkam, Adambakkam areas of Chennai.

Golden Chess Centre is an innovative and successful chess tutoring academy that specializes in teaching CHESS for children and teenagers from the age 5 to 18, both locally and online. Chess is used as a learning tool to improve students’ problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills in the areas of logic, pattern recognition, perception, coordination, spatial relations, decision-making, and visualization. If you require Chess coaching at affordable charges we are the academy to enroll.
What is unique about GCC? We provide individualized tutoring as well as group coaching for each student, with a healthy student-teacher ratio of 6:1 with maximum access to our students whenever they need us.
Our Academy offers trilingual instruction mode in English, Hindi & Tamil, and fully accommodates all students with language disabilities or Limited English Proficiency. If your child is serious about chess we are serious about him/her. Please feel free to browse our blog webpage for more info or better still, call or email us.

  • Innovation 80%
  • Research 70%
  • Training schedule 60%
  • Student’s strength 90%

Keeping up with the times.

Always seeking to innovate, our classes make heavy use of specialized software for chess training especially for the intermediate and advanced groups. We have a student-teacher connect via Skype and other game platforms that will help keep in touch irrespective of the distance involved.

Forward Thinking

Like Chess strategy we need to plan our training. Whilst it depends on experience it can also mean delay. And that is exactly where we come in. Wonder how some players shoot up while others stagnate on a plateau?

So the best advice is to engage with someone who understands you. We tailor-make a plan to suit your timing and studying abilities. Our vision is to work smarter. Not harder.

Study Hard. Play Harder…

The only time you will hear this is in Chess! Learning to balance these elements will drastically improve your progress. Discussing with students and fellow coaches has taught us one thing: Chess Training must be fun to really work. And that is what we strive in our class and individual sessions.

Student Support.

While our sessions last for an hour or two our interactions don’t just stop there. We are available for our students whenever there is a critical query or during a tournament. And we look forward to such interactions as it gives us a window into their mind.

All study material are given with a follow up when needed. This enhances their self-study habits and makes them independent, which is so important for their future as a professional chess player.

Golden Chess Centre

Home Finder’s Garden
Lakshmi Nagar 4th Stage
Chennai – 600061


Working hours

Weekdays: Evenings from 4.30 PM to 7.30 PM

Saturdays: Afternoons from 3.30 PM to 8 PM

Sundays:  Mornings from 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM

Anshuman Jain

Anshuman Jain


The designer of our site (and my son too), popularly known as Coolchessgm. See his webpage at Coolchessgm.com. Or better still play with him at Chesscube (with the same username).
Available for impromptu classes and discussion depending on college schedules.

Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar


That is me folks! Passionate about playing Chess and teaching. Experience of more than 15 years in Chess and positively contagious in spreading the chess passion. I like to experiment new approaches in chess based on an individual’s areas of strength and interests. Contact me at kishchess @ gmail dot com