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From the Chess Coach’s perspective

I would like to share my experience from the Chess Coach’s perspective in coaching juniors, who are improving rapidly. I have been varying my training methods to ensure that the interest levels are sustained for a long time and compared to when I started some 8 years back, made some observations and corrections vis-a-vis my coaching/training regimen.

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Meet Carissa Yip – the Youngest Female Chess Master

Carissa began playing chess at age six and is now ranked 50th best female chess player in the country by United States Chess Federation. Carissa Yip, 11, of Andover, Massachusetts beat a master chess player last month and earned her title while also creating an all time record as the youngest Female Chess Master. In 2013, she became youngest American to reach expert level!

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New looks for the site!

We have just had a makeover! A revamp for the new year so to say… Hope you guys like the new look of our site and that it motivates you to a newer and better chess training regimen.   Comments are... read more

Correct Attitude to Learning (making it rewarding).

Correct Attitude to Learning (making it rewarding) “You can lead a horse to a river but you cannot make it to drink” Recently my son asked me, “Did you ever hate or bunk school, Dad?” It was then that I realised that the thought never occurred to me while I studied in school. This made me wonder why it was that so many students nowadays especially those in college routinely look for reasons not to attend class. Maybe that’s because we enjoyed the classes thanks to our majority of the fantastic teachers, or we had a good bunch of friends to be spending time with — in class or outside. So does that mean that nowadays, students did not enjoy their classes? Or that the nature of the external influence like media and hi-tech devices are different? I guess both are true to a major extent. But it was also something more than that.  It was that the school had nurtured a culture of respect for learning environments of different kinds, a culture where even if a child was bored or uninterested, she/he was never haughty or disrespectful. All this was done with subtle discretion by the Teachers and the Staff who never preached from a very high and lofty ground but appreciated whatever work we did. Of course there was healthy criticism involved here too. Understanding the nature of this influence tells us something about how proper learning can be influenced. By valuing children and their work, the children slowly learnt to value their own work and themselves (self-esteem). Slowly as children entered higher classes they matured and... read more

Chess Training tip : #1

How to train in Chess effectively  (for Advanced Beginners upto 1500 ELO)  Some recommendation on training methods and resources. If you are a novice and like to improve through diligent training and perseverance then this post is just an appetizer. Some general tips for you. I recommend ‘600 plus winning chess themes and tactics by V.Subramanian‘, ‘1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate’ and ‘1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations‘ books by Fred Reinfeld as good training material to start with (of course with a good Coach to explain what is happening). Solutions given may not always be the best or the only correct ones but they roughly describe the theme and pass the crux of the message.  Trying to visualize the analysis will improve your tactics while imprinting them in brain will serve as an absolute foundation of your chess. Don’t memorize the answers but memorize the thought process. It is not enough to go through the problems and understand the solutions, but it is necessary to go through them regularly until the solution is recognized within a few seconds without any complex calculations…. To put it more practically... treat them as your maths multiplication tables and then see how you do complex numerical mathematics… in other words, you compare your game results before and after! It is better to train regularly, for a duration that is fixed for individual daily schedule. Start with as low as 15 minutes a day. Take stock daily. Set new goals for the next ‘weekly report’. It is advisable to take time to review the past performance without fail. Avoid excuses ‘I will catch... read more

China Wins Gold at 41st Chess Olympiad in Norway

The world’s fourth-largest chess event, the 41st Chess Olympiad, ended on August 2015 in the former Mack Brewery warehouse in Tromsø. About 1,500 players from over 170 countries played against each other in the Norwegian city of Tromso, to win medals and more importantly, the Hamilton-Russell Cup, which was the top prize since first official Olympiad in London in 1927.

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At 4 years – youngest Indian chess player!

At 4 years – youngest Indian chess player. At the age where kids grapple with numbers and alphabets, this three-year-old Sparsh Bisht is mastering the moves over the chess board. Still in his pre-nursery (pre-KG), Sparsh took to the game four months back and has started

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Separating the wood from the trees!

Chess is a fun game, till you enter your first tournament! After which all hell breaks loose and two things may happen. Either you will be consumed by passion – or – stand as a bystander in frustration or awe. My intention is not to scare you out of the sport called chess but to help you prepare for it with a proper mindset without any fear or phobia. Separating the wood from the trees

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