Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are the Classes designed for and what are the necessary prerequisites?

Our camps are designed for all eager learners whether children or adults. Minimum requirement in case of a child is age 4 or above. There are a few basic prerequisites such as a calm mind and fluent speech. More importantly, a willingness to learn is the biggest requirement.

My child has never played chess before, can he/she learn?

Yes! Our camps are designed to accommodate beginners, intermediate level as well as advanced players. We observe and monitor all children to assess their individual skill levels, and group them accordingly. This course is for any person who wants to learn the game of chess. No prior knowledge is required as we take you through all the phases of the game. It is equally for people who don’t know how to play chess as well as those who do, but only play it as a hobby and want to get more skilled. It takes you through being a beginner with chess principles and tactics training to make you into a dangerous player

What is the child-to-instructor ratio?

We maintain a child/teacher ratio of 8:1. There will be no more than 8 children in each camp.

What should my child bring to the class/camp?

Please send your child to camp in comfortable clothes. Your child may bring a bottle of water + healthy snacks to camp.

What if my child misses a class/camp?

If your child misses a day of camp, we are happy to provide you with any summary of lessons missed. However we are not able to offer any reimbursement for missed camp days.  Please note that any class that has been cancelled from our side will definitely be accommodated at a later date.

Can we have additional classes?

Based on the student’s potential we will be suggesting extra classes at nominal fees designed to accelerate his learning to reach higher levels. This will be solely upon personal observations and cannot be given to everyone.

What am I going to get from this class initially?

Over 8 sessions per month (one session = 1 to 2 hours of content!)

Play decent chess with full knowledge of all the rules.

Know basic principles of the game and how to apply them.

Spot tactics to crush other players in a game.

Have the foundation to start playing chess at a good level and win games.

Are the Class timings fixed?

Yes. The Classes are fixed on certain days. However any change in the timings will be notified to each student via SMS and voice call. In case of non-information the classes are assumed to be on time as informed in the previous classes.