How to book an online chess class

How to book an online chess class ? Here is how it works:

How to book an online chess classHow to book an online chess class? Before you take up a chess training session you must make a reservation on Golden Chess calendar. Information on how to make a reservation can be found on our making a reservation page.

The following steps are important to note as prerequisites before scheduling a session.

You must first setup an account with Skype and specifically for this purpose (it is better but if you already have an account with both then you may skip this step). Both are 100% free. If  you are a member of Playchess or ICC you can also avail instructions in those servers (with Skype or Hangouts of course).

Please make sure to be on Skype at least 20 minutes before the class starts. We will call you on Skype once we have added you in our contacts.

For starters you must login through your ChessCube ID and You will see an invitation to join the lesson/class, pop-up on your screen.

Approximately one hour of instruction is given after a test is validated for Audio/Video Chat in Skype or Hangouts. Sometimes the class may be split up into two half-hour sessions to accommodate impromptu training assignments (for intermediate to advanced level players only).

If you have any Chess related questions to ask or have to show your assignments make sure that they are within easy access. This will save our time during the session. If you are in a batch class you will have to prepare for atleast 2 hours of chess instructions and training assignments.

Beginners will be taught individually for 45 minutes initially. Newcomers will be advised to keep their tutoring environment at home as silent as possible and preferably no human distractions.

If you are a parent of a child who is below 8 years of age you may have to be present during the session. Note that children below 5 years are not allowed in online chess classes.

Chesscube has its own audio/video chat but I find it buggy as of now. Maybe they may come up with improved system settings in future!