Summer Introductory Chess Classes

summer class

Consider this as an investment on something worthwhile, that will last a lifetime. If you think your child is smart and needs to be introduced to Chess then enroll him/her in our Summer Introductory Chess Classes?

When I was younger (ah… teen life!) I was in search of good Chess training and learning centres. Unfortunately there were no resources at that time and I was deprived of the basic chess tutoring to improve my game. Fast forward some 25 years – I am conducting classes for adults and children in my Golden Chess Centre for the 10th year in running and that made me realise how much distance I had covered from those teen years.

Chess kinda grips you. There is no turning back once you get hooked to the game. It was this game that made me realise that Life is like a game of chess. More about that later…

Let me stop my rants and come to the topic 🙂

We have many batches of summer camps starting on April 2016 and classes will be held daily for 10 days per batch at the fixed time excepting Saturdays and Sundays*

Further batch dates will be announced later so please bookmark this page.

This summer camp is roughly a ten-day chess workshop to learn the basics of chess. With Fide rated players and coaches, children get the proper foundations before moving on to more serious stuff (such as Sicilian Defense, Stonewall Attack, London System and other techniques).

Here is the Flyer that depicts all the info in picture!

Summer Camp

Topics covered: Origin + history of the game, chessboard and pieces, moving and capturing Pawns, Knights, Bishop, Rook, Queen, King. Difference between check & checkmate, special moves, how games are won & drawn, relative values of pieces, notation, elementary checkmates (KRR v/s K & KQ v/s K) and how to start a game properly.

If your child is interested in chess, join this wonderful summer camp conducted at Golden Chess Centre.

In case he/she is accepted/eligible for further serious Chess training classes he/she will be given a complimentary Chess Kit and the necessary resources.

We look forward to your Child’s exciting chess career. Maybe the next Vishy Anand in the making here?

Golden Chess Centre, Nanganallur is offering 10 days chess summer camp for children in the age group of 5-12 years with an exclusive free Chess set  worth Rs: 400 as a gift for all enrollments this year.

If you are serious about Chess we love to teach you.

Golden Chess Centre is an innovative and successful Chess Coaching Academy at Nanganallur that caters for Chess lovers of all ages.

Terms and conditions:

  • Classes will be for 60 minutes duration as it is geared to beginners especially little children.
  • Each batch will have 8-12 students at most.
  • Strictly for beginners and non-rated players only. If you have already learnt and played chess then please join our regular streams.
  • Admission will be given at the sole discretion of the Coaches.
  • There will be no refund whatsoever once the classes commence.
  • Parents must arrange for pick-up and drop from our centre at Nanganallur, (East Main Road).