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The smiling faces of Students and the eager faces of their parents say it all. Our reward is the beaming smile of our students and what drives us more is the frequent requests for an encore. We evolve and climb the graph with our dear students’ dedication…

My friend recommended Golden Chess for my son. Most importantly he is also a Parent of a Chess playing kid! That means he understands the importance of time and focus, as a chess coach. Try out his one-to-one coaching over Skype. He is brilliant and values dedication. If you are serious about chess he is the guy to go to.

Balaji Arun

Parent, Chartered Accountant, M/s Balaji and Co, Auditors.

Kishore (Golden Chess) is a through professional. I have known him for past 2 years while playing in Chesscube where his blitz games always attracted a lot of viewers. He understands what you need unlike other coaches. My daughter has improved a lot in the past 6 months under his guidance. I strongly recommend him for aspiring chess players as he believes in understanding than copying concepts.

Shafiq Mohammad Ansar

Private (Self-Employed)

Easy language spoken by the Coach Mr. Kishore. Step by step learning and good cooperation between teacher and learner. My daughter has improved remarkably, under his guidance. He drills the basics and raises the confidence of kids like anything! More than anything he considers each student as a distinct persona and approaches complex subjects with humor. My daughter takes his advice very seriously…

Shuba Priya

Chess Player's Mom!

Thank you Golden Chess I really feel I understand the game better thanks to your live video chat and analysis via Skype and Chesscube.

Shalini Mittal

A 1366 rated player and climbing...