Our Goal

Catering to Chess learners and players at Nanganallur, Madipakkam, Ullagaram, Pazhavanthangal, Kilkattalai, Adambakkam in Chennai. Our goal is to increase the students’ ability to solve problems and take up chess as a competitive sport, successfully. Our training program offers the students something they can use for the rest of their lives, a passion that will give perennial pleasure. Our training program will allow the students to take better decisions, improve focus and concentration, and learn better. Most importantly they will learn the value of patience.

Our Mission Statement.

The mission of Golden Chess Centre is to challenge each student’s potential to the fullest and to excel each student’s problem- solving abilities to the highest by providing a unique and enriched curriculum. Our goal is to build a solid foundation in chess for each student, while improving their critical and independent thinking abilities, confidence, self-respect, and skills necessary for lifelong learning and pleasure.

Why GoldenChess?

Golden Chess Centre has developed its own specialized and dynamic chess curriculum that is evolving constantly. So rest assured it will never be the same for everyone. We don’t believe in the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Most importantly we are parents too! That enables us to empathize with our students and relate to them in a better way. Our students make us remember those days when we as parents wept with our child during his joys and frustrations. What was our loss will be your gain. We hate tears…

  • Physical Aspects of Chess Training 50%
  • Psychological Aspects 70%
  • Consistency 90%

Golden Chess Centre

Silicon Meets Neurons

Today’s world depends on computer for speed and accuracy. The sport of chess is no exception to this fact. Chess learning needs computer mastery to act as steroids. We can offer package courses both online and offline for you to explore.

On the road to Chess Mastery

Countless recipes have been suggested as magic pills. Some say tactics is the key, while some swear by the openings. Ask the old Russian Schools and they would nonchalantly recommend the endgame-study. What will work for an individual is something that an individual discovers in the presence of a master.

Chess is a mind game

Science has proved that Chess has a positive effect on the brain. Playing chess prevents Alzheimer’s disease in one’s old age. In children, it is known to develop thinking skills and calculation and cognitive abilities as well as prove to be a healthy source of entertainment.

Our Academy

Changing the way you train for perfection in chess. An amalgamation of uncharted techniques of learning taken from other similar fields and fine tuning them to suit individual requirements.
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Chess is fun!









Golden Chess Centre
What ages are the Classes/Camps designed for?
Our camps are designed for children enrolled in Classes 2nd through 6th.
My child has never played chess before, can he/she learn?
Yes! Our camps are designed to accommodate beginner through advanced players. We observe and monitor all children to assess their individual skill levels, and group them accordingly.
What is the child-to-instructor ratio?
We maintain a child/teacher ratio of 8:1. There will be no more than 8 children in each camp.

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Golden Chess Centre

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