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Improving chess players stamina – success secrets

Imagine this scenario. A five day tournament is nearing its end. The last round is a struggle for the remaining honors by way of rating points. You have been waiting patiently for the round to start and then after the initial hour or two you feel sleepy and mind wants to relax. Out comes a yawn. A yawn is infectious as you all know,

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When Priorities and Desires Change.

When we were just children we had many small desires like buying a comic, a doll or a toy, and we nagged our parents really bad. As teenagers, we wanted to be highly popular and admired by all, an intensity that you may all still retrieve when you see your child doing the same or see your old school pics. Sure enough this desire to be popular, starts to ebb by the beginning of college years. So my thoughts started on what to do when priorities and desires change…

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Learning from Chess Champions and World Chess Championships

Question from VM: I have a doubt regarding learning from Chess Champions and World Chess Championships. Reading all games from world champion is really time consuming process and also tough to understand without the help of annotations. Also many opening lines played before are dropped at high level due to suggested improvements by chess engines. Do you still recommend it? If so what is the order to read? Are there any sites that have world champions games annotated (or at least all world championship games games annotated). What learning process can we can follow (for 1800 player)

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Mind is much more powerful than you think

Mind is the magical wand that fulfills all your desires. You will be amazed at the potential of your mind. Its ability to absorb, analyze and use any such information at the appropriate times, is what makes it effective in completing a complex task. So is it that simple to just train the mind and achieve success? Maybe it is the secret… ?

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Review: Pump Up Your Rating by Axel Smith

For those of you who have not heard of this book Pump Up Your Rating by Axel Smith – let me say that it aims to show new avenues for training for an already advanced player. The author presents a road-map of improvement in your Chess training.   The real value of this book is its instruction that is interspersed with lots of personal experiences from author and his chess colleagues. The book focuses mainly on increasing one’s strength at classical time control chess (more than 60 minutes per player per game). So if you are a casual blitz player you will not be benefited by this book. Pump Up Your Rating by Axel Smith – who can benefit? This book is for class A players (those who are 1800+ in elo) and above. For those who are rated below 1800 FIDE rated, it may help if you have a trainer working with this book. Remember that this book is for Tournament players and not for the casual blitz player. Pump Up Your Rating – voted the ChessCafe.com Book of the Year 2013 – read here. About the Author: The author is Axel Smith is an IM (International Master) from Sweden and a FIDE trainer. Axel Smith is an upcoming Swedish IM, who is on his path to achieving a GM title. He is also a succesfull coach with many students climbing the success ladder, to his credit. Smith talks seriously about his chess preparation; he prepares in detail for his opponents sometimes going to great lengths like looking at his opponent’s ICC games too check out their weaknesses. Now... read more

Review: Tactics Time! 1001 Chess Tactics

It’s a known fact that has been stressed for long. Chess is 99% Tactics! And that is the theme of today’s Review: Tactics Time! 1001 Chess Tactics.  TacticsTime! 1001 Chess Tactics from the Games of Everyday Chess Player is different from other regular tactics chess books, in that the positions are all taken from everyday amateur games.   You just need to find a tactical solution without any hints whatsoever. Some positions are dead easy while some are really difficult. What appealed to me about this book is that each and every position, are typical of problems that the majority of the chess players are likely to meet either while playing on online sites like chesscube.com or chess.com or even in the weekend local tournaments or clubs. Who is this book Tactics Time! 1001 Chess Tactics aimed at? For the post-beginner upto 1400 ELO rated player. So for those of you above 1800 ELO there are other good books like Sharpen Your Tactics: 1125 Brilliant Sacrifices, Combinations, and Studies or Chess Tactics for Advanced Players. Chess Tactics for Students by Bain One caveat though – this book is not for the rank beginners, since the problems are not arranged by any theme and the answers can be difficult and lengthy for them. So if you are probably somewhere in the range of ELO 1000 – 1600, solving this book’s puzzles every day should help in your game play as they will simulate a real chess game. This training method is best suited for the serious beginner and helps as a daily warm-up course. If you are using the Kindle... read more

Bobby Fischer meets Mikhail Tal

East Germany was chosen as the venue of the 14th Chess Olympiad, organized by FIDE. It comprised of an open team tournament, as well as many other events designed to promote the sport. It took place between October 26 and November 9, 1960. Fischer had read a lot about Tal’s swashbuckling style of sacrificial play and was also obviously eager to get even with him for past humiliations as well as to show him a taste of his own medicine!

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